Claiming A Jackpot Anonymously

Protect Yourself & Your Winnings

Claim Lottery Jackpot Anonymously

Through our experience representing winners across the Country, we have developed methods to limit exposure, and in some instances, even preserve anonymity. If you are at all concerned about your name and winnings being exposed to the public, it is extremely important that you give us a call immediately after learning about your good fortune, as there are several steps that must be taken prior to claiming the ticket with the Lottery Commission.

Instant fame can be terrifying; especially when it is coupled with newfound wealth which is being advertised in front of the entire world. Large Jackpot winners are concerned about the safety of themselves and of their families. There will be solicitations from organized charities, as well as from individuals in need. Friends, family and business associates will come out of every corner asking for handouts. Con-artists will present you with tempting investment opportunities. These are just a few reasons why many winners prefer to remain anonymous.

Your ability to claim a ticket anonymously will depend on which State the winning ticket was purchased. Unfortunately, only a handful of states currently permit winners to claim a ticket anonymously. Certain State Lottery Commissions will not release the winnings until a press conference is completed, while others will be more amenable to a winner’s desire to remain anonymous.

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"Just as important as winning the jackpot itself, was the peace of mind I received from working with Jason Kurland. He is a true professional, and we would have been lost without him."
-Putnam Avenue Family Trust, winner of $254 million powerball jackpot

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