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Jason Kurland Is The "Go To" Attorney For Large Jackpot Winners

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Jason Kurland, a partner at Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP is the "go to" attorney for large jackpot winners. Mr. Kurland has represented some of the largest jackpot winners in recent history, including the Putnam Avenue Family Trust, the highly publicized Connecticut winner of the $254 million dollar Powerball prize in November 2011, and the Rainbow Sherbert Trust, the Rhode Island winner of the $336 million dollar Powerball jackpot claimed in March 2012.

The national media often calls upon Mr. Kurland for his commentary, especially when the jackpot stakes are high. He has appeared on various networks including CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC and has been interviewed on the radio and quoted in various newspapers as well.

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"Just as important as winning the jackpot itself, was the peace of mind I received from working with Jason Kurland. He is a true professional, and we would have been lost without him."
-Putnam Avenue Family Trust, winner of $254 million powerball jackpot
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"Hiring Jason is the first thing any lottery winner should do. His experience, professionalism and understanding helped us tremendously."
-Belinda Poblete, winner of $7 million CASH4LIFE state Lottery game
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"When we hit the jackpot, we were looking for an attorney we could trust. Thankfully we found Jason who went above and beyond for us. Every lottery winner should call Jason immediately!!"
-Dan Golio, winner of $5 million CASHX100 Lottery game